September - Time to reflect and reset

September feels more like New Year to me than the actual New Year; it must be because of years of going back to school - new uniform, clean shoes and lovely new exercise books just waiting to be filled. There's a sense of having a clean slate, of good intentions, of hope.

I actually love this time of year, the light and warmth of summer still just with us; no need for coats quite yet, but with it the unmistakable approach of autumn; misty mornings, leaves turning and the smell of wood-smoke in the air. There's also the promise of cosy, candle-lit evenings, snuggly jumpers and well deserved hot-chocolate after a long walk over the hills. There's the anticipation, but none of the pressure, (yet!) of Christmas.  

It's definitely a time of reflection for me, partly because the summer months just seem so hectic that I don't have the chance to think! This month I'll be doing a lot of walking the dog and thinking. Thinking about my family, my friends, my house and my business. What are our goals? What do we want to change? What's important to us? How can we do it just a bit better? And then make plans. Make changes. Make some resolutions. 

I usually come to the same conclusions; keep a healthy mind and body, be kind to myself and others, enjoy a little beauty every day and smile!

So, today I have had my green tea, been for a walk in beautiful Birstwith, caught up on emails for work and pleasure, written a  very healthy shopping list and registered for Parkrun. (I think it'll be more of a park-walk this week, but it's a start!)