We all need a little time and space for ourselves with the stresses, strains and occasional chaos of our lives.  With my products I try to bring a little luxury into the every day; to make creams, oils and candles that feel and smell fantastic, but that are also all natural with no synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. 

I personally hand blend every product that I make.  Starting with the best raw materials, I source the most luxurious organic moisturisers, the finest carrier oils, and the perfect all natural soy wax.  These are coupled with the perfect mix of essential oils to make my signature blends; Rejuvenate, Restore, Revitalise, Uplift, Bloom, Winter Spice or Neroli.  Details of each can be found on the 'Blends' page.

Wherever possible I try and visit my suppliers.  There's something hugely uplifting about standing in the middle of a lavender field discussing with the farmer the quality of the oil coming from the next crop.  Every batch of essential oil is different, and has to be carefully assessed to get the right quantity and mix to compliment the other oils in a blend.  This takes time, persistence and a keen sense of smell, but when I get it right and sit back with the candle lit and the aroma washing over me, there's no better feeling.  The therapeutic benefits of essential oils have been well documented over the centuries and all my products have been developed to have not only a beautiful smell but to provide an aromatherapeutic experience; to calm, to destress or to energise and revive.

Finally once a batch of my products are perfectly hand finished and packaged I sample one and ask myself if it's good enough for my biggest supporters and critics; my friends and family.  If I'm happy that I'd use them and they're good enough for those close to me, then they are ready to go into my online shop or off to one of my small network of stockists found on the 'stockists' page.

So please do browse my sit and either treat yourself to something you deserve, or send a gift to someone who deserves something special or unique.  

Enjoy, or feel free to contact me via the 'contact' page.

Thank you,

Gabby xxx